Aeroboard -Tri (White) Bundle

Aeroboard -Tri (White) Bundle

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Upgrade your indoor riding experience!

The AEROBOARD -TRI is purposefully designed for TT (Tri) bikes to give you the most comfortable and convenient indoor ride possible.  It puts all of your training gear, electronics, water and fuel RIGHT in front of you, where you need it most.   AEROBOARD -TRI takes up NO floor space, allowing you to set up your trainer in tight spaces (like an office or closet) or just reduce floor clutter.  Because of how QUICK it is to take on and off, you have the freedom to break down your trainer or just take your bike outside without adding a bunch of extra time.  But don't let the compact design fool you...  It's modular design will let you set up all your training gear exactly how you want!


Unsure of the fit or need assistance? Send an email to along with a picture of your bike setup and we will let you know if Aeroboard -Tri will fit your bike.

    ***Aeroboard -Tri is designed for use on bicycles mounted to a fixed trainer only and is not to be used on a moving bicycle or with a "rollers" style trainer.



    Aeroboard -Tri will easily fit most TT(Tri) bikes and road bikes with clip on aero bars. With multiple adjustments for the T-Bar, plus the included Tall Stack Accessory, Aeroboard -Tri can handle all the unique angles and shapes of a bike with aero bars.

    No tables, stands or boxes to move around because Aeroboard -Tri attaches directly to your bike. Train in tight spaces like an office or bedroom, or just reduce clutter.

    Aeroboard -Tri has a compact, modular design that takes up as little space as possible while allowing you to have your gear close by.  Because it is compact, it easily stores on a shelf, closet or under a bench.

    Rubber/Foam padding is strategically placed for anywhere Aeroboard -Tri touches your bike. It prevents slipping and also protects your bike.

    Aeroboard -Tri not only adjusts to fit your bike, it adjust to your preferences from tablet viewing distance to what size tablet you are using.

    Made from marine grade plastic, Aeroboard -Tri will hold up to those tough workouts and cleans up with a simple rinse in the sink.

    Aeroboard -Tri comes included with the Tall Stack Accessory that makes it even more compatible with TT(Tri) bikes.  The accessory allows you to mount to the under side of your aero bars instead of your handle bars.

    Simply slide it over your aerobars and let gravity and the non-slip pads do the rest.  It slides off just as easily as it slides on.

    24 different attachment locations for accessories like the phone holder, head unit mount and water holder (included).

    Securely use tablets up to 11 inches tall (portrait or landscape).  The optional phone holder can fit up to 7.25 inches of phone (portrait or landscape).

    Move the device board forward or backward to optimize the viewing distance on your tablet.

    Handle those unruly cords from your tablet and/or phone with an included cord management bracket that helps keep the cords out of the way

    If you have multiple bikes (one being a road bike) or clip on aerobars (that have been removed), Aeroboard -Tri can be converted into and Aeroboard -Roadie by purchasing the Aeroboard -Roadie conversion kit.

    Adjustable And Easy Setup

    Aeroboard -Tri can be set up and configured to your exact specifications in minutes. With a height adjustable "T-Bar" and an included "Tall Stack Accessory", you can dial in the perfect fit. Once it is setup, you only need to slide it onto your bike.

    Comfortable Ride

    Aeroboard -Tri has many features designed to make your indoor ride as comfortable as possible.  Setting up your gear how you want along with plenty of room to set other items means you don't even have to get out of aero if you don't want to.  


    Aeroboard -Tri has a modular design, so you can set up all your gear exactly how you want.  It is even compatible with Aeroboard -Roadie, if you have a road or gravel bike you like to train with.


    • Main Board - 15" x 11"
    • Device Board -  9" x 8"
    • Maximum Length - (measured with Device Board at the furthest viewing distance) 19 inches
    • Stack Height - (measured from underside of handlebars to top of aero bars) 2-4 inches.
    • Color - White
    • Weight - 3.4lb
    • Weight Limit - Up to 10lb
    • Max Device Height - 11 inches (Portrait or Landscape)
    • Main Board
    • Device Board
    • Storage Tray
    • Water Holder
    • Adjustable T-Bar
    • Tall Stack Accessory
    • Cord Holder
    • Screws (70mm, 50mm, 30mm & 16mm Thumb Screw, 10mm Thumb Screw)
    • + Phone Holder (White)
    • + Head Unit Mount (White)

    Because of how many bike styles, shapes and sizes we cannot guarantee that Aeroboard -T will fit your bike.  However, it was designed to fit most TT (Tri) bikes and road bikes with clip on aero bars.  If you have concerns about the fit, please email support ( with a picture of your bike (from the side preferably) and we can let you know if it will fit (or not).