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Aeroboard -Roadie

Designed specifically for road bikes, Aeroboard -Roadie easily attaches to your bike to hold your tablet, phone, water, head unit, snacks and anything else you need during your indoor training ride.

Check out the long list of features designed to make your next ride awesome!


Aeroboard -Roadie

Wouldn't it be nice to have all your training gear right in front of you while you ride?

Now you can put your tablet, phone, water, head unit, snacks, sweat towel... and just about anything else you need right in between your handle bars.

Aeroboard -Roadie easily attaches to your bike with velcro straps without taking up any floor space, works with climing and steering units and is easily stored when you are not using it.

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Aeroboard -Tri

If you are on a Tri (TT) bike, you know there is very little room to put your training gear while you are riding indoors.

Now you have an option to keep it all close while you ride. Put your tablet, phone, water, head unit, snacks and more in the most convenient place possible... right in front of you.

Aeroboard -Tri slides right onto your aero bars without the need for hex wrenches, bolts or straps and is super compact for storage when you take it off.

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"As a triathlete and bike shop owner, I have seen a lot of bike equipment. I appreciate how well thought out Aeroboard's modular design is. "

-Nic Ponsor
(Owner: Criterium Bike Shop)
(Iceland Extreme Triathlon: Winner)

"For my most recent IronMan race, I did a lot of indoor riding and Aeroboard definitely makes those long training rides more comfortable. It really does make a difference having my iPad, phone, water and nutrition so close. It's a great product!"

- Jannelle Allen
(Quintana Roo: PRSix)

Clever Design

Our Patent Pending modular design was purposefully created to make the most use out of the space in front of your bike while allowing you to set up your gear how YOU want it. Aeroboard is fully adjustable to fit your bike and allows you to place accessories according to how you want them positioned. Have access to all your training gear and supplies without having to leave aero.

Not a lot of space for your gear?

Because Aeroboard attaches to your bike, it takes up NO floor space. It is also small enough to tuck away on a shelf when you are not using it. If you have a small indoor riding space or just don't want the clutter, Aeroboard's compact design makes sense.

Riding outside today?

You can easily slide it off for those days when you want a quick (or long) outdoor ride and easily slide it back on when you bring the bike back indoors. No hex wrenches, screw drivers or straps are needed... simply slide it on and off!

Made In the U.S.A.

Our products are DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED in the U.S.A. using local vendors and manufacturers. (Even our packaging is made in the U.S.A.!)

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