Aeroboard -Tri Features


Compact - Overall dimensions of 11 inches X 15 inches takes up very little space on your shelf or on your bike.

Easy Install & Removal - After it has been adjusted to fit your bike, simply slide it on or off.

Sweat Proof - Marine grade plastic and other plastic parts make it impervious to salt and sweat.

Washable - Hand wash after an extra tough ride.

Modular Design - Our patent pending design allows you to place accessories where they work best for you.

Adjustable - Aeroboard adjusts up and down, forward and back to ensure a good fit to your bike.

Main Board

Protective Non-Slip Pads - Protective pads everywhere it touches your bike.  The pads also extend onto the board allowing you to set items on top of the board.

V Grooves - V Grooves make aligning and securing the device board easy.  You can use one hand to adjust the board forward and backwards, allowing the board to rest in the v groove.

Storage Tray Slots - Keeps your storage tray aligned and secure.

T-Bar Adjustment - Move the T-Bar forward and backwards based on the shape of your bike and aero bars.

Accessory Mounting - Optional accessories such as the phone holder or head unit mount can be set up in multiple ways according to how you want them set up.

Device Board

Adjustable Viewing Distance - Move the board forward or backwards to your preference.  You can also lock it into place using a supplied thumb screw.

Tablet Security - Adjustable locking mechanism to pinch your tablet in place.

Non-Slip Pads - Protective non-slip pads above and below your tablet keep it locked into place and protect it.

Cord Routing - Keep your tablet plugged in without the cord getting in the way.

Multiple Tablet Sizes - Securely use tablets up to 11 inches tall (landscape or portrait.  Multiple height adjustments allow you to keep just the right amount of pressure on the tablet to keep it secure.


 Accessory Mounting - Mount your water holder in either direction.

Protective Pads - Pads on the under side of the T-Bar protect your aero bars and create a secure surface to prevent the board from slipping.

Rocking Top - The top rocks to account for small angles in your aero bars, allowing the T-Bar to stay securely in place.

Adjustable Height - Adjust the height in 1/4 inch increments using stackable blocks to get the board level.


Water Holder

Flippable - Configure to have your water bottle face forward or backwards

Full Size - Holds a full size water bottle

Storage Tray

Size - 3 in. x 2 in. size allows you to store multiple items including gels, snacks, small remotes etc.

Secure - Rails on the bottom of the tray fit into slots on the main board to keep the storage tray in place.

Tech Specs

  • Main Board Dimensions - Width: 12 inches, Length: 15 inches, Thickness: 3/8 inch
  • Maximum Length - (measured with Device Board at furthest viewing distance) 19 inches
  • Stack Height - (Measured from underside of handlebars to top of aero bars) 2 - 4 inches
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 3.4 lb
  • Weight Limit - Up To 10 pounds
  • Max Device Height - 11 inches (Portrait or Landscape)