About Us


The original Aeroboard was created in Colorado shortly after Dave Myers sustained a knee injury during a training run.  Because of the injury, he was limited to indoor biking and swimming.  While waiting until he could get surgery, he was looking for a tablet mount (to run Zwift) that would work with his TT bike and found his options to be limited. There was nothing besides a couple tables and only a few tablet mounts that would work with his bike.  The tables took up a bunch of floor space he didn't have and the mounts would only hold his tablet.  During one of his indoor training rides, he was staring down at his aero bars and got an idea for a board that could sit under the bars.  There would be enough room to hold his tablet, water, phone, head unit and sweat towel.  He headed straight to the garage after his ride (didn't even shower) and 2 hours later with the use of some scrap plywood, the first Aeroboard was born.  It was originally only intended to use for himself, but after showing it to a couple friends... it became clear that this was a little more than one of those home made tables that you see on all the triathlete websites.  After many prototypes, and a provisional patent, the Aeroboard was ready for production.  Besides a lot of improvements for adjustability, the Aeroboard you see on the website isn't too far from the original garage creation! 

original aeroboard

(the original Aeroboard)


Aeroboard is designed AND manufactured in the U.S.A. and we prefer to use local vendors whenever possible.  We use U.S.A. based vendors to purchase our materials, parts and supplies and have found that there are some fantastic companies (big and small) that go the extra mile with your prototype and production (even if it is only to offer advice).  The lengths these companies go to ensure we get the right stuff is amazing!


Despite the fact that Aeroboard was designed for indoor training, we love being outside and want to do our part to reduce waste.  Yes... our boards are made out of plastic, but that doesn't mean we can't keep our waste minimal.  We use a combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing processes and in our additive manufacturing process, NO plastic waste is generated.  All the plastic goes towards the fabrication of a part.  For our subtractive manufacturing process, we would rather increase manufacturing times to ensure as much of the plastic is used as possible than have a speedier process that produces more waste.  The waste that is generated from this process, is 100% recyclable and we recycle it.  Finally, our packaging is made from recycled cardboard and we try to balance a nice presentation with using less ink.  Admittedly, a plastic coated box that is 100% covered in graphics can look really nice, but we know how much waste those nice boxes produce. We chose to send you your Aeroboard in a nice box, with minimal ink that is easier on the environment.