Aeroboard -Roadie Features

Aeroboard -Roadie is designed to work with road bikes to store all of your gear close by while you train indoors.  Those tables, even the cycling specific ones, can only get your gear so close and they take up a lot of floor space (which you may not have).  Music stands can't get your gear close either, and they lack the storage to hold all your stuff.  You deserve to have a storage option designed specifically for biking indoors.  Aeroboard -Roadie puts your gear right where you need it, doesn't take up valuable floor space and installs/removes in seconds.

Configurable, Comfortable & Modular

  • One Time configuration - The only part of Aeroboard -Roadiethat needs to be configured is the adjustable support rail.  With 1/8 inch micro adjustment and interlocking teeth, you can dial it in to a perfect fit in a couple of minutes.  Once you have your rail configured, you just ride!  No need to re-configure (unless you change bikes of course).
  • Works with most road bikes - If you are riding a new carbon fiber aero road bike with aerodynamic handle bars, a modern road bike with thick tubes or an old school road bike... Aeroboard -Roadie will fit your bike.  It was thoughtfully designed to handle all shapes and sizes of handle bars and head tubes.
  • Keep your grip - Utilizing a clever design feature, our spacer blocks allow your fingers to comfortably grip your handle bars when you have to get off the horns or drops to take a brief rest.
  • Modular - With 24 different spots to position accessory mounts, you REALLY can set it up in the most comfortable way for YOU.

Secure & Safe

  • Devices Stay Put - All your devices get clamped down and secured with our easy to use bungee clamps to protect them during your ride, and most importantly, while you are getting on and off your bike.  Our bungee clamps are very quick to use (no screws or knobs) and lock everything into place.  That iPad isn't going anywhere!
  • Protects your bike - We know you want to keep your bike and it's paint job in tip top shape, so we have non-slip rubber pads strategically placed anywhere Aeroboard -Roadie will touch your bike.
  • Secure - Velcro straps and non-slip pads hold Aeroboard -Roadie in place so it stays connected to your bike in or out of the saddle.


  • Works with climbing - Do you have a climber like the Wahoo Kickr Climb?  Aeroboard -Roadie works with your climber as it takes you up and down that virtual mountain while your gear stays with you as you climb and descend.  Unlike a table where your gear stays at the same level, Aeroboard -Roadie will ascend and descend with your bike keeping your gear close.
    Works with steering - Those new steering units that are compatible with Zwift are awesome!  Because Aeroboard -Roadie pivots with your bike, turn your handle bars as much as you like (or need to) while your gear stays close and secure.
  • Cross Compatible with Aeroboard -Tri - Because Aeroboard -Tri and Aeroboard -Roadie use the same base platform, you can easily convert your Aeroboard -Roadie into an Aeroboard -Tri to work with your tri bike (aero bars).


  • On/Off in seconds - With only 3 straps, Aeroboard -Roadie can be attached or removed in seconds.  There are no screw drivers or hex wrenches needed.
  • Compact - At 15 inches by 11 inches, you don't need a lot of storage space when you are not using it (like when you are riding outside!).  It can easily be stored on a shelf or under a bench.
  • Cleans up fast - While it is water and sweat proof, you may occasionally need to clean it up which is just as easy as hand washing a dish in your sink.
  • Thumb screws - All of our accessories are positioned using thumb screws, which makes it easy to attach, remove them or move them around without any tools.

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