Aeroboard -Tri Fit Guide

Aeroboard -Tri was designed to fit most bicycles equipped with aero bars (integrated or clip on).  To ensure it will fit your bike, check the following measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Stack Height

Stack height is measured from the under side of the handle bars to the top of the aero bars where the T-Bar is expected to rest.  If the stack height is between 2-4 inches, Aeroboard tabs can be placed under the handle bars to create a secure fit.  If the stack height is greater than 4 inches, a Tall Stack Accessory may be used to create a secure fit by pushing up under the aero bars instead of the handle bars.
To measure stack height, get a flat object such as a ruler, stick or piece of cardboard and push it up against the bottom of your main handle bars, facing out towards the front of the bike (under the aero bars).  Make sure the object is visually horizontal to the floor and using a ruler or tape measure, measure the distance from the top of the aero bars to the horizontal object.

Aero Bar Angle

Aero bars come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some are very straight while others have bends and curves.  It is also important that the installed angle that the aero bars have relative to your bike is not too steep in order to ensure a proper fit.  While Aeroboard -Tri is designed to accommodate different angles and shapes of aero bars, not all shapes and angles will allow for a proper fit.  To ensure a proper fit, examine your aero bars.  In the example, the aero bar with a sharp upward angle is too steep.

Aero Bar Spacing

(aero bar spacing measuring 4 inches) 
The distance between your aero bars must be between 1.5 - 5 inches.  To measure the distance between your aero bars, use a ruler or tape measure to measure the distance between the middle of one aero bar and the middle of the other aero bar.

Aero Bar Length

The length of your aero bars may be a factor in a proper fit for the device holder on the Aeroboard -Tri.  If the length of your aero bars (measured from the front of your handle bars to the end of your aero bars) is over 12 inches the device holder may not fit properly.  Because aero bars vary in shape, 12 inches is a general rule and if you have "ski bends", you may be able to go over 12 inches in length depending on the angle of the "ski bend".  For example, the aero bars pictured can extend 14 inches because of the "ski bend" on the end.
Additionally, if you are using the Tall Stack Accessory, it may be possible to move Aeroboard -Tri further away from the bike (while still maintaining a secure fit), creating more room for the device holder.

If you are unsure or need assistance, send an email to along with a picture of your bike setup.