Head Unit Mount (Black)

Head Unit Mount (Black)

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Head Unit Mount

The Head Unit Mount was designed to allow you to attach your head unit onto Aeroboard (Tri or Roadie), just like you would on your bike.  If you can attach it to your bike handlebars, you can attach it to the Head Unit Mount using your device's supplied mounting mechanism.  Most head unit makers design their mounts to attach to a "standard" 26 mm handlebar, and our Head Unit Mount is 26 mm in diameter.  The included thumb screw allows you to attach the Head Unit Mount into any accessory mounting hole on the Main Board.



  • Dimensions - Length: 2.5 inches, Height (Installed): 2 inches
  • Post Diameter - 26 mm (same as "standard" bike handlebars)
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 0.1 lb