Tall Stack Accessory


We are pleased to announce the "Tall Stack" accessory for Aeroboard!

We told you Aeroboard was modular...

The "Tall Stack" accessory (now included with all Aeroboards) creates an alternative rear attachment point for bikes that have aero bars that ride too high over the handle bars for the base Aeroboard to fit properly. 

Before the Tall Stack, you were limited to 4 inches between the bottom of your handle bars to the top of your aero bars (stack height).  This accessory solves that problem and removes the stack height variable from the equation.  Instead of the rear tabs pushing up on the bottom of the handle bars, the Tall Stack accessory pushes up on the bottom of the aero bars.  The same fulcrum pressure that is created with the tabs of the Aeroboard pushing up against the handle bars is also created with the Tall Stack accessory, but it pushes up against the bottom of your aero bars.


This accessory comes with integrated velcro straps to lock it into place, rubber pads to protect your aero bars, an a pivoting top that ensures maximum grip on the aero bars.  You don't lose any ease of install/removal and have the same secure fit of a standard Aeroboard install.

Best of all, this accessory is backwards compatible with all Aeroboards to ensure the best, most secure fit possible!

 If you would like to learn more or have a question about ensuring a proper fit, please email us at customerservice@aeroboard.io